ATC and Flight Plans


As a suggestion I think you guys should add the option that if you are a ATC at an airport that you should be able to see all flight plans that are flying into your airport without having to click on each one of there planes to see if they are or not. Just makes it a tad bit easier haha:)

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Not necessarily, a lot of pilots want to go to your airport but don’t have a flight plan at all.


Yeah that wouldn’t work. The space is to cluttered as is. I prefer the current setup


Yeah it may just turn into a chaos of crazy lines depicting lots of flight plans that won’t really help you? I want STARs snd SIDs to be published and able to be viewed on the IF map for both pilots and ATC!

With STARs and SIDS, pilots could see them, ATC could see them and vector accordingly or approve the arrival via a certain STAR! Pilots could simply implement the STAR into their flight plan. Then you would see everyone’s flight plan and everyone would be following the same and correct approach procedures!


In real life, STAR is often not use in busy airport. ATC usually provide radar vector to expedite traffic flow.


Yep, but You could still implement the STAR into your flight plan, and allow ATC to vector you off the STAR if need be or if they wanted to.


I also wish the ATC would start using STAR approaches as they do at real world airports. Even if pilots don’t know them, they will all be funnelled through the same waypoints, altitudes, speeds and headings by a knowledgeable controller.
I realize it takes a bit of time to learn, but in the end it would make it much easier for both the controllers and pilots.