ATC and crosswind landing in GA aircraft

Hi, earlier today, I asked KJFK tower for 22R and was cleared For 13L. Both were ok on ATIS, but 13L gave me a nice 13kts crosswind plus gusts. My question is : could I have repeated my request? 13 kts crosswind is ok for an airliner, but a bit of a trouble with only 2,9tons flying.
Thanks for your lights on that.

I was controlling at JFK (just finished) but based on the winds this must have been before my time (I think). What was your callsign and when did this occur (in UTC) out of curiosity? I also landed nearly everyone on the 22s so I don’t think it was me. Do you know how the controller was by chance?

I am not hearing a complaint BTW just curiosity / asking for guidance / offering a reminder.

In theory I would be OK with you making the second call but without being able to add more detail re. why you are making the request (our ATC comms are limited obviously) I may not honor it. Especially if the airport is busy and 13L worked better for the traffic pattern. Generally if I can I will give AC what they are asking for.

I am generally aware of the greater impact of crosswinds on lighter aircraft but this is a good reminder.

Thanks for sharing it.

If you let me know when you were there I can prob tell who was controlling and let the know about your question.


Most controllers including me will probably, in most cases, be able to accomodate your request - I don’t think it’d be an issue to request a runway change. If it doesn’t get given, i.e. you get an “unable” back, so be it. But unless there’s masses of traffic, I’d usually be accomodating in this case.


Many thanks for your response! It was between 1 and 2 utc, but I don’t complain against anyone. My callsign is N27NO. I just want to know if it would have been justified to put a second request. I also wondered if the ATC noticed what plane I was in and if it is common practice to give lighter planes easier runways.
My landing was okiiiiish, in the end, so good training for me as I would not have done it without ATC asking me to do so…
Thanks to all the controlers out there!

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Ok then, thanks. I’ll repeat once next time round.


I started at 0234Z. I think I know who the controller that preceded me was likely there when you arrived. I’ll send him a link to this thread in case he wants to weigh in.

Of course please reserve repeating the request for the situations where it really matters. If you are uncertain about the winds (sounds like you did well enough – you walked away :) ) it would be helpful to observe the landing patterns as you approach and make a continue / divert decision if needed.


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Many thanks. I’ll definitely double up on a better runway request if cross wind is strong.
I always try to understand patterns, but there was very litle incoming trafic then. I requested landing as soon as Tower was available and was given clearance for the other runway immediately.

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