ATC and Bad Pilot in EXPERT SERVER!


Dear Community
So shortly i was in a trip from Brisbane to Melbourne and the ATC gives me a clearance to runway 16 . When i was on final the ATC gives an clearance also this crazy dude behind me. And the separation both of us was maybe 1nm πŸ˜‚βœŒ
When this happens in TS it is no problem but in Expert is that not so good.


Do you know the name of the ATC who was on tower?

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Did ATC issue a go around to the aircraft behind?

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All IFATC controllers are actually the best of the best. Sometimes controllers have off days and sometimes connection between aircraft and the controller might be off. Try to avoid calling our IFATC β€œbad”.

Try to find out more about the situation before assuming that they are β€œbad”

PM @Aho on IFC to find out more


I think his name was Aho . IFATC Aho

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No clue about that.

I could not understand who you’re complaining about, in your title you said Best ATC and Bad Pilot in EXPERT SERVER!
and what you wrote seems to be complaining about the ATC and not the pilot.
My question is which of the two made you angry?

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yes I have clarified the situation with Aho. I thought at the beginning he gives him clearance because he is sure that the distance is too big. I talked to him and the matter was clarified.

the whole mistake was with the pilot who continued to land despite the dangerous situation.

the ATC gave him the go around 2-3nm in front of the runway. but I did not notice that. That’s why I wrote BAD ATC and BAD pilot at the beginning. But now I changed the title to Best ATC and BAD pilot.


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