ATC: An Unrestricted climb option on takeoff

I think their should be an atc takeoff option for a unrestricted climb for those who use fighter jets especially if you are at an active airport id say this can be used as way to let atc know what you are doing if you wish to pull off that kind of takeoff as to aviod violations warnings and such again refering to fighter jet aircraft or military in general, so how it could work would be like this, so you request for take off and you scroll though the options and there is a unrestricted climb or after burner climb option you click that and then select an altitude above 10,000ft or 5000ft to climb to then click send and then the system reads back, “Echo4 ready for takeoff on runway 03L Unrestricted climb to 15000”(and if you want)“departing west,south,north,etc” and then atc reads back " Echo4 cleared for takeoff unrestricted to 15000" it could work like that but what do you guys think or suggest should we have this option in infinite flight and how do you guys think it should work?

It doesn’t work like that in real life.

In the UK fast jets are limited to a climb rate of 8000ft/min due to them then going effectively invisible to TCAS. The only time you see this beig lifted is when the Weapons (Fighter) Controller (Weapons Director to my US compadre) deems it safe enough in segregated airspace or during a QRA launch, during which general aviation traffic (GAT) is routed away.

For the reasons above, I don’t think it would work on infinite Flight.


Maybe this is a silly question, but is there anything limiting you now from doing an extreme climb after takeoff? As long as you don’t conflict with other traffic and you follow the departure direction you requested as part of your takeoff, I don’t see why you can’t reach for the skies, right after takeoff.

I have no problem with un restricted climb, as long as the following needs are satisfied

  • don’t go above 249KIAS below 10k or more than 600KIAS in my airspace below near other traffic
  • don’t smash into another plane
    These will get you a ghost.