Atc altitude departure problem

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As I said earlier I am kinda new on infinite and love it … still discovering features and so on now I do have a question. When I set my departures and approches on ATC it gives me automatically the ways vectors and altitudes on my flight plan. Now here my question when it comes to descent and approaches with the vnav active it follows the altitudes set without problem but when it comes to take off the altitudes and the vectors are set but it never follow the altitude set on his own like during a descent so I am doing something wrong for sure can someone help please I attached pictures in case not clear

VNAV for climbing isn’t in the sim yet, only for descending, so no you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just not in the sim yet, as it’s harder to code based on weight factors, speeds, aircraft, etc


@Alphadog4646 is correct. For step climbs and vnav on climb you could get the IF Assistant app (you’d have to pay for it though) on the AppStore. But for now we only have vnav for descent built in for IF. Happy flying :)

Ohhhhh ok thank you so much guy a for your answers it’s nice I was wondering. Actually I have another questions 🤣🤣🤣… when i set my flight plan with the ATC approach as per the first pictures we agree then it’s not necessary to add the ILS approach also ? Then why having the ils and the ATC for approach if they do both the same 🤔

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I think what you’re asking is if ATC recommends a certain approach?

Noooo Ahahah je demande si on doit privilégier ATC OU ILS pour une approche ou si je peux mettre les deux et juste activer ILS dans les 15nm de l’aéroport ?

Hey so for french support try using #support:francais 🙂

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