ATC Airports FEB 17th

Why are most airport listed for the atc staffed airports military airport bases? Could this be that the F18 is being added in 2 days. Just a theory…

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To give some love to the military community and the military aircraft! Or what you said, but lets stay out of that, I don’t want to cause speculation.


We simply don’t know. The F-18 comes when the F-18 comes. Not to mention, these airbases received 3D buildings with sunshades and other cool military objects, so it could just simply be there to show off new features.

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True, that could possible be the more logical answer…

To be honest, I’d avoid speculation at all costs. What it does is that it creates an expectation not only for you, but for those who also believe the speculation to be true. If it doesn’t happen, then disappointment occurs. Not to mention that the excitement is lower if you’re constantly speculating to as when it does come out, it would be a “finally” type of reaction.

I like to just play the simulator. It will come when it comes, then it’s a happy surprise and not a waiting game.