ATC + airplane buggs

Greetings FDS!
I flew (19’th I think) on FNF and just before V2 my plane started to bank
sharply to the left, which resulted in me crashing. I tried to take off
once more, but with the same results as the former one… On my third
attempt I managed to take off as smoothly as I could with no issues. I
thought that was due to me calibrating the device wrong, so I left it
be. The aircraft which I used at that time was A330-200F.

Then the problem reaccured the day after, when I was taking off in a Super Decathlon.

The second problem which I have experienced is that Once I logged in on the advanced, I could not contact the ATC (in this case Romtam At Bankstown (ca 8.30 AM Zulu)) and he confirmed that I was
nowhere to be found. I’ve got pictures of that issue at hand… this is
not the first time the issue has tormented me…

COuld you at least give me some clarification as to what might be causing the issues?
I am an advanced controller 2, and I think I fall under the category of
experienced IF pilots, so these things should not have happened to me.

If it helps: I am using Samsung S4, newest update version of android.

Thank you for your time, and tnx yet again for this wonderful sim!

//Drago, AC2

Yepp, it does not happen that often but still… Romtam and Jeebak Roy can confirm what I said

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well I can post the proof that I indeed was active and that I saw the commands romtam issued to others. I could contact him myself but he did not recieve my taxi request.

I am fully aware of where and how I use my rudder and controlls - I aint no rookie.

will need to search for pics though.