ATC-Aircraft Trails throughout the years

Hello there,

I thought I´d share a few ATC-Aircraft Trail Screenshots that I accumulated across the last few years whilst controling on the Expert Server. I´m sorry for the low-ish quality, this is due to the fact that we can´t take high definition screenshots of the ATC menu yet. Without holding anything back, enjoy!


Server: Expert Server
Dates: March 2020, March 2020, December 2020, April 2021, May 2021, May 2020

Starting off with with a very old screenshot from the SID/STAR event that took place in Berlin in March of 2020, a long time before instrument procedures were added to the Sim.

Next up we have one of my favourite trail-screenshots since it looks like a whale upon closer inspection. This was taken at an FNF event in Madrid.

As a few of you know, I love controling the Departure frequencie. Here´s a screenshot from one of my favourite sessions at London Heathrow.

After the last few photos looked a little messy due to the amount of different departures and arrivals these next screenshots show a very clean line of aircraft, taken at OKBK and YMML during recent Infinite Flight Twitch streams.

And finally we have a spectacular session at Munich (EDDM) that ended up creating quite a few nice flight paths before the introduction of STARs and Approaches.

I hope this was somewhat enjoyable, thanks for viewing these screenshots!

This is awesome! I still don’t know how some of you guys do it. I would definitely crumble under that many aircraft on radar. Might need you to teach me heavy traffic scenarios 😉


This stuff looks so satisfying man! Also, I think you should ask @Gliding_Central how to take high quality ATC shots, he’s really good with them.

I hope one day I get to join IFATC and create beautiful lines like this! 😌

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