ATC: Aircraft not showing up

Hi. Is anyone else getting the issue where aircraft are not showing up on the screen when controlling? I was just on the training server at LAX and had aircraft on the ground frequency requesting pushback. Not only could I not see them on my radar, but there also was no taxi button to press when clicking on their ribbon.


Yeah, this is an issue that’s been going on for a while. A lot of IFATC members experience the same thing. Unfortunately it’s hard to reproduce consistently because it’s highly dependent on wifi strength.

If you control approach/departure/center you can see everyone in the air because their location doesn’t have to update as often… their speeds fluctuate less, they turn slower, etc in the air. Cam has said they’re working on server improvements for this specific issue, so fingers crossed it’s fixed soon!


iDevices on meshes are very bad at disconnecting and reconnecting with low signal strength and/or switching (Apple disclaim responsibility but its definitely them). I think if you drop out for too long it thinks you’ve quit, not unreasonably.

I also get weird movements of aircraft which are a server thing (not possible with controls). I wonder if IF estimates the aircraft position from its last state to try to handle brief disconnects ?

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