ATC Aircraft Focus Zoom

Hello all,
Just a small feature suggestion here.
It would be great if a controller could adjust the zoom when focusing on an individual aircraft.

As a controller you’re able to “focus” individual aircraft as long as they’re within a certain range of the tower.
Personally, I use the tower camera often to keep an eye on certain areas of the airport while using my radar overlay to conduct traffic.
Sometimes the focus camera is far too zoomed in on the aircraft I’m currently focused on. If a controller could adjust the zoom on this view it would help make controlling a bit more easy.
As an example, if I’ve got an aircraft that seems to have issues taxiing to it’s runway or gate or is just generally causing a lot of conflicts with other aircraft I will focus my tower cam on them so that I can keep a better eye on their situation while trying to control other aircraft.
If I were able to zoom out a bit on the target aircraft I would be able to issue progressive taxi instructions without having to go back to tower view and zoom out for a better view of the taxiways and other pilots around the one receiving instructions.

Yes, I agree with this. Don’t have any votes left though…