ATC -> Aircraft "Check your aircraft."

If I remember right I heard some VATSIM controllers will use this if they aren’t too busy.

I see your point but here’s my thing. When I’m controlling tower, ground, or atis, I rarely use my camera in detail, meaning it’s always on but never on a specific aircraft. The only time I do is to spot potential conflicts, confirm someone went through another, etc. so it would sort of be a useless command for me.

Also as mentioned above, I’ve never heard a time when someone’s doors were actually open. It probably happens but everytime I’ve seen someone and asked about it, they were actually closed

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I think this really doesn’t have much of a use since a lot of the time when you think someone’s door is open, it’s not, it’s just a glitch in the game. Another issue I see with this is that it probably won’t be used too much. I use my radar when controlling much more than actually looking at the planes. I’ll look at them every once in a while, but the odds of looking at one with the door open (that is not a glitch), is very low.

Yep. But it’s at those points, specifically checking an aircrafts position during pushback, that I usually see this. As quickly as players who play ATC a lot can click through the commands list, I don’t think it would be that much of an issue to quickly send the command if you have the time.

And as I said originally, it will not hurt anything were the command not issued, so it’s more aesthetic than necessary but it attempts to increase realism.

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