ATC -> Aircraft "Check your aircraft."

I used to have more screenshots until my recent phone change, but it’s all too often I see pilots that have forgotten to close all of the doors or hatches on their aircraft before beginning their taxi. The pilot in this particular photo was landing at KLAX at the time.

In the name of realism, I think it would be a good idea to throw a Misc. Message in there for a controller to request that a pilot check their aircraft for open hatches. Of course a pilot forgetting to close their doors or hatches doesn’t interfere with ATC and at the end of the day it’s not going to cause the pilot any issues from decompression or drag, but it would still be one more step in achieving the realism we all seek.
On a slightly related note, it would also be nice to have the ability to instruct a pilot to turn on/off their strobes when we notice them being improperly used. Consider it a chance for a learning opportunity. Something like “Delta 420 Super, please deactivate strobe lights until entering active runway,” would not only help the immediate situation to achieve realism, but generate future knowledge for the pilot.

i’ve used all my votes, but i support this.

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I also am out of votes, however i fully support this idea

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Although sometimes doors are open on one users device but closed on the main users device. So an ATC controller saying check your aircraft may be inaccurate.


I see your point, but if the ATC does in fact notice this they can simply activate this command so if it is not a glitch the pilot can fix it. If it is a glitch then the pilot doesn’t have to do anything

But then if it is a glitch then what will the pilot think?

They just wont do anything because it doesn’t apply.

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Did not know that. Learn something new every day.

So there’s really no harm done for a pilot to change to external view and have a quick once over of their aircraft though, right?

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Yes no harm but I can only see this working in places with low volume ATC, if it’s busy no ATC controller will go out of their way to do that in buddy air spaces for something that doesn’t apply to them.

If there is no active ATC then it doesn’t work, but I only see it working in small places with low ATC traffic

I remember i used to watch a replay of my flight and always had door 5R open even thought i used to close all the door before pushback it was a bug!

I mean, it’d be weird for you to receive this command even though all your doors are closed.

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You’ve never flown out of KLAX on the TS when I’m on ground. 😅

As could be said for any ATC commands. No ATC, no commands.

So this is mainly a request for the TS? And it’s the training server for a reason. The ES is too busy for controllers to contact pilots.

An idea to consider would be a warning that when a pilot is pushing back that a door is still open and to close it.

Sure, but how interrupted would your flight be? It’s a step towards realism. Perhaps the issue is with the server showing hatches open for one player and not another rather than receiving an odd transmission that you can just ignore.

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Not sure if it would add realism, i’ve never really heard an IRL ATC telling an aircraft to check their doors even though they are closed. Some pilots would be confused and feel as if they might be reported.

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That’s the idea. It’d be more for ground control than any other position. I view aircraft on a regular basis while running ground, as I said I see it somewhat often. I’m not asking for a tower controller to tell an inbound aircraft to close it’s doors. The aircraft in the example photo should have received that command at it’s departing airport if ATC was active at the time.

No your idea is a command for ATC to tell pilots to shut their doors. An idea to consider would be a warning that pops up on your screen (like a speeding warning) that a door is open. But no violation would occur ofc.

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That’s more of an issue with the server not being synced than the command idea.
How often do you think an ATC sees open doors because of a glitch rather than the pilot actually having open doors? The exception shouldn’t dictate the standard.

When I’m controlling I actually never look because I’m too busy. If it occurs on the TS or the ES there is nothing you can do about it. It’s ultimately the pilots choice and a command to send to them would sound to me like the NEED to or if they don’t they could get reported.

Does not hurt to have the feature for controllers who strive for the most realism. I also think the turn off strobes command is another good idea mentioned by the OP

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