ATC after Global Flight

It will likely be easier for everyone, pilots and ATC. The work flow for the controllers, especially approach, should be a little easier. Centre frequencies will really some in to their own too.

By it’s very nature our regions tend to squeeze 50+ pilots in to 2 or 3 airports, which are about 30 minutes away from each other, if not closer.
This doesn’t really give CTR a chance to get stuck in and space the aircraft out.

I also think we’ll see more controllers on duty, again because you can enjoy more varied traffic without draining the traffic away from local airports.

For example, KSAN / KLAX / KSFO and KSEA could all be open and each airport have a managable amount of traffic.
KBOS / KJFK / KIAD / KATL and KMIA could be a fun setup too.
At the moment if we have the socal region open, it’s 99% people flying KSAN to KLAX and the other controllers at KPSP / KVCV twiddling their thumbs a bit.


touché. Ahhh the old days…

Less stress at ATC tower and approach in Los Angeles

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I think the Global update will convince more people to train to become expert server controllers. With all the space, the workload should go down for the most of the time which should really help ATC. I’m gonna start training after the Global update is out because there’s no doubt our new Infinite Flight world is gonna needs some more hands on deck!

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That is true, but being cynical is not good.

*** Shameless plug time ***

I know you are reading this thread and thinking “Man the world is a big place, I wish I could help out and join the IFATC team to give more support for global”. Glad you asked!

Review all the tutorials for ground, tower, sequencing, and patterns. Then feel free to reach out to one of the many scouts to fly for you and give feedback. Tyler has done many great videos that will greatly help you on your journey into being IFATC (It’s sort of like being a Jedi but no light saber).

Start practicing now, it wont hurt. Even though we do not know when global will come out, you do not want to be caught in the rush for scouting/recruiting/testing after the release. For those scared that you will have to relearn items for global, the core ATC concepts should not change when global is released, just more options of where to go.

If you have any questions feel free to DM myself or any of the scout team and we will be glad to answer your questions.

PS. Get into the habit of filing a flight plan. Plans help tell ATC where the demand is and should be more important once global is out.


I hope departure and center frequencies are added for all airports that have them

It will be very not realistic, I prefer the real Centers.

To all of the IFATC.

Imagine if someone is going to do a flight between Paris - Hong-Kong. After his takeoff he activates his NAV A/P and he goes to bed. But during his flight while he is sleeping an ATC Center (he is flying on expert) sends him an instruction like turn left hdg 010 climb and maintain FL380. But of course he can not do that! So of course the ATC after warning him to follow instruction ghosts him…

I think that is a problem that it will be very common when global will be out…


Not a proper solution, but liveflight connect has an option for automatically obeying and acknowledging ATC commands. Again not a proper solution by any means but there is a Band-Aid out there for that scenario.

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Bon carté ami. Merci beau coup

And also if the pilot follows ATC instruction he will be deviated of his FPL so some fixes and VOR won’t be checked and when he will turn on again the NAV the AP will fly away from the destination…

Whoops, didn’t think about that, nevermind. Don’t sleep and fly I guess. Controller might call his super and tell them he has an aircraft that isn’t responding and you’ll wake up with an “escort.”

It’s going to be hard for tyler, there will be hundreds of people flying in global, there will need be atleast 1 person per country, that’s 196 countries, which means 196 people on ground and tower approach and departure, but obviously not everyone will fly to one specific country, there should be ATC where ever that aircraft is flying to, but what if 196 people are flying to 196 countries? That’s a lot of people which means the app is likely to crash, what about flying over the pacific ocean, North & south Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean etc? I don’t know how that would work… This is probably going to be one of the hardest features to implement, I think there should be ATC where the majority of people are flying, example- if most people were flying from Europe to America or America to Europe, most ATC should be there, but what if someone was flying from Instanbul to Miami then you ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing somewhere in Algeria for example but there was no ATC there because no one offs flying there? This is so confusing…

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There should be an option(s) for how active you are- red for asleep/Idle because you’re going from say New York to Dubai and you go to sleep, Green for you’re currently active on your flight, blue for you’re doing something else but you can still see how youre flight is (this could be for short flights example Edinburgh to London which is 1&30 mins)

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This is the reason why we aren’t suggesting Long Haul flights. IFATC has already warned numurous times that all users who disobey or disacknowledged the IFATC Instructions will be ghosted no matter the reason is.

For those who want to do Long Haul or Transpacific flights while sleeping, You can do it on Casual or TS. But never dare to do it on Expert unless you want to be ghosted


Better bring a second flight crew for those long hauls! :D


I know it would take a lot of coding but LNAV should fly the plane for you! Say your flying over the north Atlantic in a 747 to London, ATC tells you to turn left heading 020 climb and maintain FL380 LNAV should Acknowledge ATC instructions and turn left 020 and climb and maintain FL380 I also think there should be new ATC commands example- climb and maintain FL380 for the next 10 hours, turn left 065 in 5 miles etc


I worry about the abuse that might go on in TS1 and controllers finding ways to crash aircraft with that.


I’m going to fly most likely on the casual server, because I’ll be allowed to fly at 500 mph below 10,000ft which means transatlantic flights will be much quicker :)