ATC AFK, What should I do?

Well, Today I flew from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM), when lining up with the ILS, I already told the ATC that I’m Inbound for Landing at runway 06, But the ATC completely silence, for around 5-10 minutes since I tune in untill I end my flight. But maybe this is usual since I was playing at Training Server . But the ATC should not AFK, because it may bring chaos to the Airport and the Airspace nearby.The ATC username is “Fifercalum”. What should I do if in the future I meet this problem again?
Thank you!

sometimes ATC is afk because no one go to their airport

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its training you can do whatever you want! sorry fellow training server ATC’ers!
Cign :D

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Alright Thanks


There is a system that kicks out the inactive users from the frequency after 5 minutes, if he is still AFK you may wait 5 more minutes. If you want to be professional, call inbound for the ILS at the runway you were cleared by approach and wait for the AFK ATC to give you a clearance!

If still inactive for a long period of time, contact any member of the moderation team.



Thank you very much.

even if on training server!?

Yes… Even on training.


Had the same problem when I flew from Frankfurt to Amsterdam last night

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