Atc advanced playground server

Leo, its called operations. Not XP.

Can i see it somewhere? Or is it that u just can see it when in advanced atc?

You get ops For playing ATC
If you are advance ATC you can see how many OPS you have
For every landing and take off clearance you get one ops
For the GND you don’t get OPS
For APP you get 1 op for every ILS RV clearance

Is this good @Tyler_Shelton ?

You would still have peanuts if there was a new server. Personally I dint think it’s needed ATM

I also think we don’t need it if you think you are good in TWR and GND contact a recruiter he will practice with you

yae, was just an thought…will do trying for avanced…thanks for the replys.

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That’s a different test. You can take the initial test (ground and tower) and app and departure will be locked until you take the app test.
My recommendation is contact an advanced recruiter, take the initial test, and then keep practicing app and departure on playground until you are ready to test to get it unlocked in advanced.