Atc advanced playground server

He guys I have seen a lot of irritantions and complaining about the fact that (young pilots) don’t know how to communicate with Atc. I suggest something like a normal playground and a advanced playground server. In the normal playground pilots from up to 5000 XP to 15000 XP and the advanced playground pilots with pilots from 15000 XP to 25000 XP. Air traffic controllers in the advanced playground server have to be tested they don’t have to be on a level of a advanced Air traffic controller but they have the abillity to kick pilots that aren’t listening to the requests so they just have to know the basics rules of a air traffic controller. So the playground server is a server for young pilots and young air traffic controllers so there you can learn the basics of flying and communicating with atc.

Let me know what you guys think.


Great idea it is a big step from playground to advanced so it would be good to have something that will help with the transition

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Yes I think that to

Not all young people are bad at flying and listening I am 13 and have 90hrs of flying and I always listen to atc.


No I don’t mean young in age but in expercience in FL

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I would love to see this happen. Of course, the devs would have to pay more to run a fourth server.

No one listens I want to be advanced. Tests free whenever if anybody gets back in touch with me for advanced

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On south Florida doing kpbi

I’m closing in 1 minute

and most importantly serious people while having fun. @Wolff_Stolk maybe like they can do escorts but if they don’t listen to atc they get ghosted? like in advanced u cant do escorts since u cant get too close to other aircrafts

If you would like a semi advanced ATC server because of pilots not following instructions , then why don’t you just apply for the IFATC team to become an Advanced Controller ? Pilots will still behave the same way as the playground server as the standings and XP aren’t to high and strict to join another server …

Well…iam good with ground and tower, but iam not doing to well with aproach and deparure, thats why i need more trainig in my opinion, thats why i think it would be good to improve skills

Are you Advanced ATC yet?

No, not in the moment, but i may apply for that in the near future…like i said, not doin well with approach and depature

You can work to that later, if you want to get into IFATC you have to pass theory and practical for Tower and Ground. If you’d like to train with someone, contact @dush19. If you’re looking for a recruiter to help you, the best one is @anon66442947

And while we r on this…would been nice to gain xp in playground for controlling atc

I believe you do get XP for controlling on PG, you just can’t how much you’ve got until you’ve qualified as an Advanced ATC. I think the guys in the ATC team are able to check it.

Yea? Ok, great than…
Still…a runway is closed message in misc would been nice

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