ATC - Adjust Opacity to See the Map Better - How?

While I was on the loading screen to act as an ATC, where it usually advertises twitch/facebook/instagram for Infinite Flight, this time is said something like this: Adjust Procedures Opacity to See The Map Better, or something like that.

Where can I change opacity?

Map > Tap Airport Icon > PROC > Opacity slider


I didn’t even know this was a thing…

You learn new things every day I guess…🙃

Thanks, but I still don’t see a slider:

Uh, nevermind, I just found out where you were pointing at:


When you click the airport, you see the ICAO and on the right it says PROC (before entering the airport menu)

Edit: you got it, great!

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New find:

Very helpful when landing. Just tested it!

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