ATC adding to XP

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Does ATC work not accrue XP?

If not, would it not be in IF’s interest to allow ATC to contribute to ones’s XP, so that more pilots control, thus improving the experience for everyone all round?

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Atc work does not yield XP. Only flying. The XP that controllers get are really just very simple how many operations you have.

Besides, I don’t think it’s the available topic you created and? If you want ATC work in the game you should change it to #features

It’s also a bit unfair to the people who can’t get into IFATC, due to failing the exams for example. Such an ATC controller can sometimes have up to 20k operations, if you get XP for that it is unfair to the players who only fly.

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How exactly? Everyone on the training server will still be able to control all the same.

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Yes, But in the training server there are far fewer players than in the expert server. In the training server a controller can be around 50 operations after 1 hour of controlling, and in the expert server controllers can be up to 100 - 200 operations. Operations are all the planes you have controlled.

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I need 5landings and 3hrs of flight then I’m a training server holder of 75,000+ XP. Then I’m joining ATC

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How is it unfair to fail? There are standards to be met. If an aspiring controller can’t meet them (because they failed either the written or practical exams due to X reason), they will simply have to try again in a little while, after hopefully learning from the mistakes that they made


Yes, okay. That’s true

To add on to what was said above, I know the point of this topic isn’t asking for ATC to receive XP but anyone can open a frequency on the Training Server and control there. It’s simply just the Expert server where you need to have the certifications.

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Please put this topic under the #features category. More information on this category can be found here: About the Features Category

I don’t fully agree on this since the main idea behind XP is to gain experience flying and showing that you’re growing as a pilot, which is a critical factor when applying for IFATC. If XP is given from controlling, it defeats its importance.

XP is a meaningless value to be blunt. It honestly serves no purpose. You could be a really good pilot with 10,000xp or you could be a really bad pilot with 5.5mil xp. Seeing the various topic on the IFC regarding how bad the expert server pilots have been as stated by the community just further back that observation up.

ATC accumulates “Operations” which display the number of clearances that issue has given either on the ground, tower, approach or center.

That all said, it would be pointless to have ATC accumulating XP when they’re already accumulating ATC Ops and given how invaluable XP already is.