ATC Activity @WSSS and @RPLL 27 November

ATC Request: Ground (both Airports), Tower (Both Airports) and Approach (For RPLL only)

Airport: WSSS and RPLL

Callsign : Singapore 916

Aircraft: Boeing 787-10

Airline: Singapore Airlines

YouTube Channel
YT Channel: CVgamerz

G’day everyone. This is my first time in requesting for ATC in WSSS on 27 November because I am making a small test on copying my flight (WSS-RPLL) in game from my real flight.

Yes I know it would take lots of my battery and data but my better idea is to fly multiplayer until my mobile data becomes inactive as I am already out of the country.

But I could regain connection once I’m on approach to RPLL since I have a SIM card for the Philippines.

The reason why am I doing this is because I’m making a video in my YouTube Channel comparing a real life camera recording in flight and Infinite Flight screen recording. And I would like to make it realistic by copying flight plan, passenger view and what the event is for Air Traffic Control and plane traffic activity.

My Flight time would take as short as 3 hours

/So yes here’s the setting and Time/

Time: 11:30am - 1Pm (Singapore Time)
Server: Expert
Airport: WSSS

ATC frequency: I would only need 2 since I am not active outside the country. (Ps. Singapore is a small country so I could disconnect shortly)

Ground → (Username)
Tower → (Username)

Time: 3pm to 5pm (Philippines Time)
Server: Expert
Airport WSSS

ATC Frequency:
Ground → (Username)
Tower → (Username)
Approach → (Username) (Might contact approach if my mobile data could reach the country)

Gates: You can go to any you want but I would take one of the gates in Terminal 3 based on my Flight Ticket

If you want to join as a pilot

  1. (Name)(Gate No.)


• You may join me for a flight in Singapore/Philippines if you are departing or arriving to any country, but I am not responsible for any Violations typically.

• Expert server contains lots of regulations so hope there no other disastrous situations in the airport. Ps. I’m recording anyways.

• Apologies but I cannot make live stream in YouTube because of course my mobile data will be disconnected and also live streaming in my phone somehow cannot work.

That’s all. Thank you for reading this so whenever you’re free and interested around that time comment down for request. As I said this is my first time making a video like this and posting this event as you guys can join since it’s a holiday… Anyways thanks again and have a nice flight aviators! ✈️


Use the thread below to request ATC services.

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