ATC Active @ KJFK on PG [Closed]

Come enjoy the clear weather :)

Still there?

Yes with @Justin_Gonzalez

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Can u do zello atc?

JetBlue 417 is inbound.
Check out a perfect manual landing ;)


You kept your word @Laurens

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No, sorry. I closed the frequencies anyway

That looks nice @Justin_Gonzalez!

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 Got a little upset when I heard that you cleared for takeoff the plane holding short 31R :P

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Sorry, I denied his clearance afterwards😅

Still there? If yes I’ll be known as flight10 In a A321 Swiss airways

And what region?

I’ll reopen now. KJFK is in New York

Nvm I can’t do that anyway I did not buy it