ATC active at ULLI but only Unicom shows up

Flying into ULLI a few minutes ago on expert ATC was up on ground and tower and had been for at least an hour. At 21 nm out I started getting guard messages (correctly) but only Unicom was available. Tower didn’t show as an avail frequency until about 12 nm away. I confirmed ATC was available the whole time.

This seems similar to other complaints of nit being able to see Unicom at all.

I can share pics if helpful.


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Could you share pictures? ULLI Atc appears to still be active

It’s a known problem, put airplane mode and back and it will be working

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I’m going to give a few more details, after getting a frequency change from approach to tower, when you pressed to change it would put you on unicom, that must be a bug as i was talking to the IFATC and they said the same, so i went to the frequency menu and there was the tower frequency, are you sure you checked? Cause it was fine for me after that.

I have the same problem as you sometimes. You then have to tap on the airport and tune “manually” into the Tower/Atis Frequency.

I will give that a shot if that occurs again. Will also try tuning in via “clicking” on the airport.

I presume the flight continue for a bit while I am in airplane mode? Enough for me to get back and continue the flight?

Follow re. your questions and @natedog508’s.

Here are a few pics that illustrate the issue.

About 22nm out and ATC is active @ ULLI.

But frequency list only shows ULLI unicom. You can see in the pic I already received two guard warnings. I could have likely tuned in directly from airport freq list but didn’t think of it at the time.

Was able to tune into tower about 12nm out. I believe it showed up on the list of freqs visible by clicking on the microphone (vs. me clicking on airport and tuning in that way).

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This is bug what I have seen A lot of people talk about hopefully it will be fixed soon


Yep, if it’s a few seconds you won’t have any problems whatsoever

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