ATC active air space message

Hi All,

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or has been asked
already, I haven’t managed to find it. I have a question regarding ATC, this
has happened a few times and I’m just unsure as to what I should be
doing/saying so please help me out. I was flying London EGBB – EGLL on the EGLL
approach freq and all is fine then London city atc EGLC gives me the “you’re in
an active air space” message. What should I do when this happens? As I don’t want
to ignore them but I’m already with EGLL approach. This has happened a few
times now so any help would be great as I don’t want to get ghosted or anything
nor do I want to ignore the tower. I’ve tried asking for freq change but just
get asked again to contact tower? Please help!!

Hello Lewis.

Which Server were you flying on at the time?

Is this PG?

If you are on EGLL APR with a flight plan for EGLL, then the TWR at EGLC should be able to see that when they select your icon. If they do send the “on guard message”, then just ignor and stay with APR. This sounds most likely that it was on ATC PG Server so its likely someone new to ATC learning the ropes!

Good luck and happy flying!

wow you guys are quick to help aren’t you. It was on PG, I try
not to fly there but I prefer flying with ATC and advanced was in a region I don’t
have sadly.

I always have a flight plan, mostly just a direct point to
destination so they would have seen that I guess. Thanks for your help though, I
will now just ignore any request like that.


Wow am surprised that happened on advanced! Might be worth bringing to the attention of an ATC Advanced Suoerviser

lol, idk what is wrong with the message above urs

It was on playground!


So glad there are helpful people here who don’t critique others for small errors and make allowance for possible auto correct…

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I just read this entire thread and I’m not sure if anybody was helped or if it is just filled with sarcastic banter…


I was helped. there is a little banter in there but i got the anwers i needed and quickly

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