ATC access

Just a random question really. I’m wondering why there’s currently no ATC access. There is probably something said about it already but can’t find anything on this. It feels strange being able to just fly off with no ATC clearance

Can you explain for us what you’re asking? For example, are you talking about being the controller, or are you talking about being a pilot?

What server are you suggesting?

Either controller or pilot. If I try to access the tower on any server, it just says no ATC access

Ok, only IFATC (Infinite Flight’s trained ATC team) is allowed to control on Expert Server.
If you want, switch to Training Server, where anyone can do ATC.

And on wich server is this?

NVM i cant read lol

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You should be allowed to control on TS. ATC access on Expert and Casual Server is restricted. IFATC are the only ones available to control all 5 frequencies on Expert Server. Casual server does not provide ATC services

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Yea, I know about this, problem is, which ever option I use, just says no ATC access allowed or something like that. Here let me grab a picture for you


Odd, right? I’m wondering if they deactivated it for some reason

This server is called Expert Server and you don’t have access. Please reread all the posts made above. You are only able to control on Training Server

Because you have Expert server selected select the training server

That picture is showing Expert Server.
To switch to Training Server…

1) Click on
Expert Server
[Global] V2

2) Click on
Training Server [Global V2]

3) Click on


OOOOH… OOPS I’m a numpty XD hahaha thank you :P hehehe


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