ATC accents

For some reason my IPad removed most of the accents available. I only have “Daniel” as the GB voice and four other ones.
How do I get the accents back? Because I really want the Siri voice!
Please help!

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You can most likely follow the basics that’s in the Support FAQ:


I have the GB Siri voice downloaded and selected and still it’s not there…

Have you got any other voices to download as a test? Make sure you restart the app.

I will download a different voice
I want the Arthur GB voice but it’s gone

Have they fully downloaded and is the app restarted?

The Siri one is default, there is no way of deleting or downloading it
And yes, I have restarted the app

Have an update. The new voice I download has been added, but once again “Arthur GB” is not there

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It may take it’s time to get itself in the system

I think I might just have to reinstall the app

Reinstalling the app won’t be a need I think.

The problem appeared last Friday

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