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On Friday I did a long haul flight and one of the GB (English) voices was the same as GB Daniel voice. I thought it was a lag. The next morning on arrival at EGLL a new voice appeared. It sounded much more realistic and a bit like SIRI. What’s happening? Is it the METAL project or am I doing something? Please explain. Now it’s gone and the amount of accents available has gone down to 5, where before there where like 10 available to choose from…



Is the voice the same, or is it changing itself? Your device is most likely downloading new accents and it may be switching itself over as they download or delete themselves

On that day I wanted to download a new IOS update but at the last minute I changed my mind. How can I get the voices back?

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The voice kind of sounded the same, it was the other GB male voice, not Daniel. But is sounded much more realistic, pure


I’m really not a Apple person, but I’ll try.

I think in settings (somewher, sorry for this accuracy) you might he able to find voice/accent preferences (just search up voice in settings and look around), and I think you might be able to download some voices from there. I’ll look into it.

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IF or device settings?

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Device in actual settings. On android it’s labelled as ‘text-to-speech’

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See, these are all I have)

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Ok, thanks)

Try this. I literally just search up IOS voice, and the first result I posted in 😂

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I dont even have accents on the android version. I searched everywhere and im up to date.

I am on IOS

I guess android doesnt get too many features.

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Android should have a good number of voices to choose from. Try downloading voices from your settings, outlined below.

"On October 8th, Google pushed an update for their TTS (text to speech) application used in many Android phones. This update can in some cases cause ATC voices to stop working for Infinite Flight. To resolve this issue, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Text to speech output -> Install voice data.

Remove all voices that are possible to remove, then download & install them again. Specifically the English options. That should do the trick!

Note :
Depending on Android version, your TTS settings could be placed a bit differently. If you can’t find them using the steps above, try:
Settings -> General Management -> Language input -> Text to speech -> Cogwheel next to your preferred TTS engine."

  • Support FAQ

You have helped me here, i thought that it was an in app feature! I feel like kind of an idiot for playing the game for 1 year and not knowing it.


Me too lol 😂

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