ATC accent

can someone help me how can I put my voice in the same way as in this video, I guess it is an accent someone has it or this person is from the community to tell …?

If you’re on iOS do this:
Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > English

Then select/download some voices. I’m unsure which voice it is, you’ll just have to trial and error. Once downloaded the voice, you to Infinite Flight settings and change the voice there (For pilot)


Lol I’m sorry but that is creepy. I’d like to have more voice options though.

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If you’re on iOS follow the steps I just stated before your reply and you’ll have many more voice options


I am android, I will try what you say, the same goes out the voices to download

Do you have Google text to speech? If not download it from Play store. Then go to TTS settings on your phone.

I found it I use iOS so it was easy

Ok, good. I responded to ALCO, he said he is on Android.

if I have text, that if I knew, I wanted to know the accent in case someone had the same

Not sure what you mean. Please give us more info.
Are you looking for the accent in the video?

I’m looking for that accent that video

I have no idea what accent that is. I suggest you ask the person who made the video.

aver if I explain myself, the accent is the way of speaking that you have in that video, I would like to know which one is set so that the voice is heard

I don’t know what voice the user has set. But you can contact him on YT and ask.

Okay thanks

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