ATARI game

I’m still unabe to get the ATARI game to even appear. I have read How do I play the ATARI in the A350?:but I am unabe to get the game to appear at all
Thanks for any help!

I believe you need to be over FL420 (please choose 430 BTW, 420 is not a proper cruise level)

I am on solo at flight level FL430. I’m not trying to fly a flight, just get the game. Do I need to be on live?

You have to climb to at least FL420, change your camera to the jump seat, then shake your device left and right as if you’re turning the aircraft (just make sure autopilot is on!)

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You may need to be on live…that’s something I’m not sure about

It works on solo. Just tested it.

Ok, that’s interesting

Are you sure you’re in the jumpseat with the camera turned right?

@TimShan05, yes, I’m in the jumpseat view

Ok, and look right?

Oh, look right! Hold on, my app crashed, I’ll try again

Yes. It’s on the maintenance panel.

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go to fl420, go to jump seat and look right. make sure you are on AP and it should be there

Got it! Thank you! Tgis is going to have me hooked for hours! 🤣🤣


I beat it myself for the first time recently while flying HEL-JFK.
Not a great time, I know.


And I thought it is called the easter egg

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There are different names dor it. An easrer egg is just a generic term that people use to describe something that is not a known fearure. An atari game is that kind of arcade game. :)

Anybody found easter egg for 20.1 yet?

Not sure there is one :/

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