Atari game on plane?

Hi i wonder which planes you can play the game atari?


Per my knowledge only this can be done on the A350-900 when at an altitude of above 42,000 feet.


You can also do it in the 757 above FL390.


For the 757 it’s on the cabin screens. Then on the a350 it is in the cockpit by the jumpseats to the right.


I’m unsure how to do that ngl.

  • Spawn in with the Boeing 757 or the A350
  • Get to FL390 or above (in the 757) or get to FL420 or above (in the A350). (Edit: Make sure all your lights are on.)
  • Turn on autopilot to keep you straight and level.
  • Use the interior drone camera to move to the screens hanging from the roof of the cabin (in the 757) or the screen near the right-hand jump seat (in the A350).
  • Enjoy the game.

WOAHHH I NEVER KNEW THIS!! Gonna try it here in a hour.

Does 777 have it as well?

I don’t think so. Only the 350 and 757.

No, the 777 does not have the minigame. Only the A350 (above 42,000 feet) and the 757 (above 39,000 feet) have it.

Make sure you set your HDG and VS autopilot, otherwise it’ll be an interesting flight for the passengers 😂

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Didn’t work for me 😭

I can’t get it to work in the 757

You have to turn on the landing lights as well

This works

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