ATA Refueling London @ EGHH - 042100ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: London Area

Airport: EGHH - EGKL

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: Any Fighters or A330 or B767 (Generic livery only)

NOTAM: Air to Air Refuelling Practice


COURSE: 090 / 270

nb will use the Unicom phrase “Going Around” to indicate my turns. Will always turn to Starboard (Right)

Fancy something different? Fancy practice Close quarters flying?

At 2100z I will be staging out of RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) and going on to refuelling station between EGHH (Bournemouth) and EGKL (Deanland) at FL140 @ 260 kts. in the A330 MRTT (RAF Voyager).Yes ok I will be using a A330 in generic livery!

If you want to practice your skills as a fighter pilot come and practice being refuelled from me, I will be on station from aprox 2115z until 2145z, flying a racetrack between EGHH and EGKL.


*If waiting to refuel then wait in lose echelon to Port (Left) at about 500ft higher then next aircraft. When cleared to refuel then move down a place in the queue until you are No1.
*No1 to join when XOM14 is free, do not join on a turn.
*Refuelling Operation takes 60s, be directly astern
*Once refuelled break off by slowing down to 250kts, drop by 500ft and then break away to Starboard (Right).


aye thanks mate

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I’ll come, if the training server is not having it’s connection issues still.


I’m flying in the London region, looks like the server is still playing up because the map isn’t showing other aircraft and a few names pop up whilst I’m flying then disappearing just as quick

Not looking too bad at present…

Flight plan below.

Coming on now then.

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Be pushing back in about 15mins

This is a fantastic idea. A really new idea, well done.

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What about using the c130 aircraft, raf livery, it has a boom, is refueled IRL by voyagers.

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Thanks to all those who came along. Sorry the server seemed to keep dropping in and out!

Will give it a go again in a day or two!

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That F-14 was me with a KC-46 callsign.

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I tries but the server was against me. Sorry mate. I’ll try again next time this happens

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Yep that server was a real PITA!

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I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the server is fine now.

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Not really new but a cools idea. I’ve tried it in the last, and so has max. I’m glad more people are showing an interest now

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Thanks, yes I flew with Max on one of his previous ATA missions and I loved it!

Makes a change from the normal events that you see (mind you I make a few of those myself as well!)

A chance to try some more advanced flying techniques. Might give it another go over the weekend if the servers are behaving them selves!

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