ATA Airlines Boeing 737-800

ATA Airlines known formerly as American Trans Air was a low-cost charter and commercial airline that was based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The airline was founded in 1973.

The airline was originally founded as Ambassadair Travel Club which means that the public could not fly on them unless they were apart of the travel club. Their first plane was a Boeing 720 nicknamed “Miss Indy” and they later got a second Boeing 720 nicknamed “Spirit of Indiana.”

ATA received its common-air carrier certificate which now allowed them to fly commercially, in 1981.

At its peak ATA had 12 Boeing 737-800s as well as a variety of other aircraft.

(Ward Collens. File:Boeing 737-83N, ATA Airlines AN0962031.jpg - Wikimedia Commons)

I would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight because it provides more diversity and more routes we can do with this 737. They primarily used the 737s on their medium and long haul routes both commercially and for military charters. It also has a damn cool livery!

So please, if you want to see this livery, drop a vote! It means a lot!

(ATA Airlines - Wikipedia)

Nice livery, remember to vote for your own topic😉

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Effing-A-right!! (Had to spell it out otherwise the P.C. Police will loose their minds)

ATA means a lot to me. The only aircraft in their fleet I never flew in were their 727’s, 707’s, and ATA connection. I flew in the L-1011’s, DC-10’s, 757’s, and 737-800’s. Fantastic airline. Shame very little to nobody here on the IFC remembers them.



Removed one of my votes for this.

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That’s awesome! They sounded like a great airline. Shame it went defunct.

Thanks for the vote! Means a lot!

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They were a great airline. Their service rivaled that of Southwest, United, American, Continental, Midwest, and narrowly beat out Northwest.

They were truly “An Honestly Different Airline”.

We need to get this livery in the game!

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American Trans Air were the first airline in the world to introduce winglets on their Boeing 737’s. They added them a few weeks after their first 737-800 (which replaced their 727-100/200 fleet).


That’s cool! We still need this livery!

Added a vote to this amazing livery, me and my parents would use this airline all the time back in the day.

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That’s awesome! What were they like?

Thank you so much for the vote!

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Not gonna lie, you got what you paid for. Meaning they weren’t very punctual and baggage service was kind of bad. But their flight attendants were cool in my opinion. I also flew on their B727, B757 and L-1011 (says a lot about my age) lol

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Hmm cool! That’s so cool you got to fly on those older classic birds!

I want to bump because I want livery


All good everyone,

Yes, I went to ride the plane for ATA Airlines is a Boeing 737-800, my flight from KOAK/OAK flown to PHKA/KOA last on December 18, 2007 in the evening. I have first time on ATA Airlines for a very long time, and I’m lucky.

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Gotta love this livery!

ATA Airlines Boeing 737-800 was posted on page Facebook.


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Nick Hoffmann: American Trans Air (ATA Airlines)
Boeing 737-83N N314TZ
CLT/KCLT Charlotte Douglas International Airport
February 2004
Photo credit Radomir Zaric.

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Nick Hoffmann: American Trans Air (ATA Airlines)
Boeing 737-83N N319TZ
DTW/KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
March 10, 2003
Photo credit Karl Smith.

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I wrote a little memorial to ATA a while back. Still my favorite airline of all time, bar none.

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