At which airport should my event be held?

Could I be atc on your next event if it will be on training server? I am TSATC

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I mean aspen is rarely used.

Yes you can be ATC

Thank you. I really don’t think st Bart’s is a good idea

The voters decided I did not I will do a new poll after this event and will not include st Barth’s

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AEST or Sydney, Australia.

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I don’t know there time zone pretty sure it’s 3 am for you

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As I said, use the time zone conversion system found here:

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I put that in my event it doesn’t change time or give you a charr

This is an example of using your 1700Z time, it has converted it to the correct time in your time zone.

Just search on Google for a zulu time conversion.

Can I join? ☺️

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I tried on a 208, crashed into the terrain on approach to runway 10, because you can see the airport through the terrain.

Yes I’ll put you down

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Are you attending?

Probably not, but maybe another time. I have school to catch up on 💀

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You live in STL cause I see the arch I also do

Waynesville, couple hours down I-44, but I’ve been to Saint Louis countless times 😉

Besides, school started Aug. 14 here

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