At which airport should my event be held?

  • Lukla
  • St. Barth’s
  • Santiago Chile
  • Aspen
  • Vail

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Top one will be featured in a Landing competition or fly out. Have a good day😎

The voters have picked and the choice is St. Barth’s


Voting is up for the next 10 min winner will be chosen for event and information will be posted on this topic

Best time for event

  • 1400Z
  • 1500Z
  • 1600Z
  • 1700Z

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I would try something outside America, since it is heavily used.

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Lukla and Chile

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For your second poll could you lease use the time conversation?

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I don’t know why so many people chose St. Barths. The terrain is broken.


Ikr they need to fix the hill


What time zone are you in?

The hill makes it harder. I also sent in a request for them to fix it today

10 more minutes

I’m sort of a ifc noob in a way, how could I do that to help your cause

I sorry I do not know what you mean

Sorry, how do I send in a request to fix the hill

Oh, you just have to right into a staff member

Don’t do st Barth’s the airport is very glitchy

Could I be atc on your next event if it will be on training server? I am TSATC

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I mean aspen is rarely used.

Yes you can be ATC

Thank you. I really don’t think st Bart’s is a good idea

The voters decided I did not I will do a new poll after this event and will not include st Barth’s

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