At what speed should one start turning to vacate the runway?

Title explains itself

It really depends. If it’s a long not very sharp turn you could take it faster then a Sharp turn. It depends 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Generally 20-35 kts GS, you want to leave the runway as soon as possible, even when there’s no traffic behind you.

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I do 15-30 kts

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I’d say traffic dependant. If it’s a busy airport, make sure you know where the exits are. You don’t want to be applying full reverses and brakes only to realise that the exits are at the end of the runway.
Around 45kts on the high speed exits, while slowing down so that you don’t receive violations.
15-20kts at 90° exits


Depends if you can get off at a high speed which I do at about 30kTS GS. or at another exit at about 10-15KTS GS

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  • High Speed Taxiway around 30-50kts
  • A normal 90° taxiway turn max 35kts

Thomas has the right idea. It depends on traffic, taxiway angle and aircraft type. If you’re in a 737, looking around 15kts for a 90° exit and <45kts for a rapid exit.
For something like a B777 or A350, <35kts on a rapid exit and <15kts for a 90° turn

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I think a 90 degree turnoff should be taken at Max 15 KTS


To be honest to exit a runway, I would say that’s a low speed to exit, but in some case yes 15kts is acceptable.

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Most heavy aircraft are limited to 15kts in a turn of 90° or more anyway, so it’s a perfectly acceptable and common speed for exiting. Abusing the aircraft by turning 90° that fast will almost certainly result in discomfort and/or damage to the airframe!


35kts would make you clip your wing lmao


You can exit fast turn offs at 35kts (or above but you have to break or you get a violation for exceeding taxi limit). A normal 90 deg turn is done at 10-15kts.

As some people have said, IRL there are Rapid Exit Taxiways which you can exit at about 50kts. Since we dont have RETs in IF you can exit at 35kts if you don’t want a vio warning. There are generally a few factors to consider such as do you have low hanging engines or a plane that has a lot of body roll. (These aren’t animated in IF but if you are flying a plane such as the A333 that has low hanging engines, you could clip one on the ground if you take a corner to fast and too tight.)

35 knots is way too fast for a 90 degree turn, 15 is more appropriate.


less than 30 kt

Safely, but typically a good speed is 10-30 knots. If it’s a less sharp turn, you can take it a bit faster as long as you’re below 20-30 knots on the taxiway.

I usually do 10-20 knots on the 90 degree turn taxiways. I realley wouldn’t do more in order to decrease the risk of doing a TOKYO DRIIIIFFFFTTT


15 kts when taking a 90 degree turn or if fast then the plane will swing and either of the wings will touch the ground hence spoiling the realism.


I usually do it anywhere between 10-40 knots, but I think @ThomasThePro’s picture explains it the best👌🏽