At what speed should I exit the runway?

How should I do this?
Should you actually stay at max. 20 knots for taxiing after landing, then take a long time to get off the runway or should you go off the runway at a higher speed then slow down once on the taxiway?


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A controllable taxi speed is around 15-20kts. I recommend once you have slowed under 30kts you are safe to exit.

After you exit you can slow to your chosen taxi speed.


Well, try to get as close as you can to the runway exit while slowing down.
Vacate the runway with max 12 knots on 90° turns and 30 knots on high speed taxiways.


I thought so but I heard someone else here say different in another post. Let me look for it…

As @Laurens was saying, it does also depend on your runway exit. If you are able to exit at a 30-50 percent angle than higher taxi speeds are okay.

Quoting @CJ12:

  1. High speed runway exits. Take them if you can. You’d be surprised at what speeds some aircraft will pull off the runway. Be sure to take these if there is traffic on final.

From his ‘Tips for a realistic experience’ topic:

@dasabel100… MaxSez: The Max “Taxi” Speeds for IF on or off a runway is 35 mph. In the real world there established and enforced by the airfields operations department and noted in the fields Ops instructions or NOTAMS. Speeds on an active runways for flight operations are the V’s established in the aircrafts POH. The operative term here is “Taxi Speed” which is not a flight operation. . An “expedite” command does not give the Pilot a license to exceed the posted “Taxi Speed” limit. One should taxi at a rate keeping safety and PAX. Comfort in mind in a commercial aircraft. In a hi-speed or standard T exit one speed should be adjusted to insure there is no Stop Line overrun. (FAR/AIM)


I pull off at 35 knots and slow down to 0 when off the runway, then I accelerate to 20 to taxi to parking.

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@gamingpilot. MaxAsks: Do you stop at the “Hold Line/Point”?

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You have to stop after you cross the line.

@gamingpilot. MaxSez…No Gamer you have to exit from the active and STOP at or before the stop line. If you cross the line you are in violation coming and going.

So what you are saying is…

I have to touchdown, get to the nearest runway exit once I reach a low enough speed, and stay on the runway until I contact ground, then cross the line?

@gamingpilot… MaxSez. No son what I said was Stop at the Stop Line not “After you cross the line”

Not true mate. The dashes are always on the runway side. Therefore, you enter the dashed side and your tail should clear the solid end.

You exit and stop once the whole of your aircraft is beyond the hold short line (unless you already have taxi instructions in which case keep going). Until you are past that line you are not clear of the runway.

The line is broken on the runway side which means you don’t need clearance to cross it. If you approach the hold short line from the taxiways the line is solid which means do not cross until cleared to do so.


MaxSez. @Lare. Hold shot lines and exit lengths in the real world are designed to clear the tail. The AIM sez, “Stop at Hold Short Lines”. Picky, pickey, pickey!

MaxSez: @ATK… Professional Knowledge Gained! Thank you. Now please pas that bit of wisdom to the IF Controller & Airport Design Community. Got chastised yesterday cause my Caravan nose wheel was past the line coming off.

ATC s aren’t always right 😉