At Vaughn College next to LaGuardia!

I’m at Vaughn College in NYC, literally right next to LaGuardia airport. I’m in my senior year of High School, so it’s that point where I started looking for colleges. Vaughn College is the first College I’ve decided to take a tour on, and today I’m here to share some of my videos! By the way, I’m right next to runway 4, the runway used for landings. ;)


Looks like you’ll be spotting…

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He’s taking a tour!

And if he does join it…

I can’t upload videos. :(

Looks like I’m gonna have to post on Instagram and then share it here!


Ayeeeeeee… Nice photo but not high quality, taken with your phone?

Yeah, unfortunately. ;-;

I need to invest in a camera…

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My mom got hungry and we left. ;-;

Rip. Anyways, I loved the college, and I’m seriously planning on going there.

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That super close you lucky dog

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