At Night Landing

Any tips on landing at night?


Honestly I am not to good at landing at night myself but I think some good general tips is to focus more on the ILS since you can’t use your sight that much in the dark and ALWAYS land in the touch down zone!! I know it might not be fun to not get a Butter but landing late at night is a horrible idea because like I said It is harder to see so the extra little runway you took to float was a little more runway that you thought it was and now your in a building or grass or water or whatever. Just take this from the guy who might of done this one time… just once okay

I don’t really focus on doing a butter landing anyway! I just don’t want to crash into the airport that’s all I focus on 😂 Thank you for the tips! I’m gonna use these :)


Glad I could help :)

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Practice makes perfect! i try and fly equally between night and day to get used to it a lot!

Cheers, Rye (ybtl.aviation) :)

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Use lights, its hilarious how many people forget this! Especially on foggy nights

I can’t really see using the aircraft lights, they need to update the lighting a bit

I wish the cockpit was brighter too, and some airport lighting. I might make a topic on this tbh

Yes please! Its very dark in the cockpit it could be brighter!

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Don’t break your passenger’s necks!

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