At a certain altitude, why does the speed do this?

Look at speed

Past FL 280, the autopilot selection menu for speed changes to Mach number, instead of knots. Hope that helps.


At FL280 the speed turns into mach speed. That’s why.

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It does thank you

Over FL260 (or 280??) the A/THR selector changes to Mach, the standard cruise speed in Mach (I believe) is 0.78-83.

Two eighty.

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Just checking you don’t fly with your spoilers on do you ?


I think he misinterpreted the “flight” selection on the spoilers


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Yea, the real question is why you have flight spoilers and flaps at FL 320

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Probably to slow down.

I wouldn’t see why he would try to slow down with throttle at 100% , anyways, back on topic