Asymmetrical flight

Asymatric flight characteristic very unrealistic.

Could you please elaborate, we can’t really help you with this little information.

What exactly are you referring to by “asymmetric flight characteristics”?

Flying on 1 engine on twin,

That may be related to the difficulty of realistically representing coordinated use of rudder and aileron control inputs on a mobile device (and also perhaps the issue of limiting trim assist representation to only the pitch axis).

So, if significantly more asymmetrical response were represented, it would be tough to realistically coordinate a proper response with the available control limitations.

So rather than make the engine out situation unflyable given the complexity of what needs to be represented, I might guess the complexity of that modeling is restrained.

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If you can provide some real world reference, such as a video or official data, the dev team will be very happy to fix them. Like how I helped fixing B77W speeds last year:

Posting a meme won’t help in any way.