Asus zenpad 8

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday morning.

I’m thinking about getting a new tablet but I want to pay for a device with good power and the ability to run infinite flight as smoothly as possible.

The Asus zenpad 10 seems really awesome but it’s up there in price… Is there anyone that can shed a little light and give some information on asus’ lower end tablet (zenpad 8)?

Thanks guys! Enjoy your weekend 😁

Check out this thread:

I’m pretty sure I saw the Zenpad on the list in it.


Nah they have the 3s 10 which is like double the price. Just want something a little less expensive

Hey dude,
I’m active on the forum right now and happy to help… Do you want to take this to a DM or keep it here? I can help you either way…

Just quickly, the Zenpad 8 is a good budget tablet, but it will not get on at all with IF… it’s running a low power Snapdragon 410 paired with an Adreno 405, you’re going to get really bad performance on even low settings.

Can someone close this? Got it resolved 👍