Astuce. How to get more memory in your phone?

  1. Uninstall IF
  2. Reinstall
  3. Login
  4. Download only all the planes and regions you’re sure you want to fly.

Or buy a phone/tablet with more memory 😉


Yes but i see some people crying after the gigabyte who takes the phone’s memory out, here.

Just a thinkable solution.

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What mainly counts is how much RAM your phone ot tablet has. With every aircraft and region, IF might occupy less than 1GB. I have almost every region and planes and the game takes 688MB of space.

Or add an SD card with more space. Cheaper. Way cheaper.

Uninstall?! You can simply goto to the Settings>Apps>Infinite Flight and clear data. The best way to reduce RAM Usage is to restart your device :)

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Or close every background app. What difference would make clearing all the data?

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Shouldn’t this be in tutorials?

Or when you have 360° Security (free aviable) boost your phone, and go then to “cool your device down” section.
There you can really close ALL RAMusing apps and other processes.
I’m doing it and have good experience.

Both my iPhone and iPad have 64 GBs, no need of any tricks.


What is the meaning of “Astuce” in the title?


Get a Bot.

Bots have unlimited memory.

Bot is love. Bot is life.


I’ve got one more:

Step one: Make sure you have the following items: Computer running Windows with USB port, Apple mobile device lacking available storage, and the necessary charger (30 pin or lightning.
Step two: Plug charger into USB port.
Step three: Plug device onto charger.
Step four: Enter computer files
Step five: Copy all pictures on i-Device onto computer.
Step: six: Delete photos on the device.

*Note: You must enter the device’s files on computer to find the pictures.

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