Astrojet the Astronaut


So, as seen by the title, I have used the American Airlines Astrojet 737 to get some moonshots. The AA heritage liveries are all amazing, the Astrojet one is my favorite. So, some more about the photos, these were all taken around Charlotte Douglas Intl’ Airport, even though the aircraft Astrojet livery doesn’t normally visit CLT. In these, I have taken the normal photo, and added an edited one for each too, which I like edited photos. Well, enough blabbering on, let’s roll the photos.

The first photos, banking to the left while at 30,000 feet, off to nowhere in particular. The first photo is the photo I took with some slight touch-ups, the second one is heavily edited, I think it looks great.

So on to the second set of photos, again, at 30,000 feet, an underside view of my 737. These photos, again, one touched-up and the other one heavily edited. They are my favorites of the photos shown in this topic.

The final photos, same circumstances, are personally not my favorites, but I decided to show them to see what you think.

I hope you enjoyed this set of photos, I haven’t been as active in the #screenshots-and-videos category, liking and posting, but I’ll get back to it soon. I know heavily edited photos are not for everybody, so leave your opinions and feedback below. Have a great day!


They may be heavily edited but you did it right, those are absolutely beautiful 🙂👍


Thank you, glad you like the editing @Alphadog4646!

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Very last photo is profile picture worthy. Good stuff.

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Thank you for pointing that out @Captain_Merka, it’s fixed.
And thanks @1Bit, I’ll consider making one of these my profile pic.

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Nice pictures!

Did you know that the Astrojet livery landed in CLT twice today? It flew CLT-AUS-CLT! Isn’t that cool? Unfortunately I missed it when it was here in Austin ;(


So beautiful! You’re always awesome at moonshots, @Butter_Boi! So perfectly taken! 👌

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@Suhas, lol. The One day I’m not even at my house for most of the day, at least I saw the normal livery on a 737 while I was driving by on the highway. Should have gone plane spotting.

Thank you @SB110, nice to know someone has seen my moonshots, and likes all of them.