Astraeus Airlines Boeing 757-200 "Ed Force One" G-OJIB and G-STRX.

Iron Maiden´s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, was a Captain of B757-200 at Astraeus when he wasn´t performing with the band.
Iron Maiden commisioned the B757-200 G-OJIB for their 2008/2009 tour “Somewhere Back in Time”. The aircraft was configured to a Combi version, with 20 Business class seats, 54 Economy seats,and a larger cargo bay, so as to carry the band´s equipment.
The Astraeus livery was replaced by a more fitting livery for the band: with its name and Eddi on the tail.
G-OJIB was meant to be used on Iron Maiden´s 2011 tour “The Final Frontier World”, but it was replaced by G-STRX, with a slightly different livery.
Bruce Dickinson was the pilot on both aircrafts.

G-OJIB is now being operated by Federal Express as a cargo aircraft, and G-STRX is stored as of November 2011 under the registration EI-ETR.



Pilot in command Bruce Dickinson.

Bibliography: (in Spanish). (G-OJIB). (G-STRX).


Ed Force One will be coming to East Midlands this year when they do the Download festival a couple miles away :)

Make sure to take photos!

Never said I was there… :-)

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