Astoria’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to my tracking thread!

I am currently open at PHNL on TS1!

Stop by and leave feedback please!


I will come and fly pattern. Callsign: N513MN.

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Keep in mind, I’m going at 130kt and he will go past above or side or below.

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Transition is too high. The transition should be above 2,500ft AGL. The airport is at 13ft which the transition should be at 2,500ft.

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Coming by sir

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  • Go Around: What if Hawaiian 10 and I collied at the runway intersection? No matter if he crashed on touchdown. A go-around must be issued to avoid conflicts.

  • Pattern Entry: You did not issue a pattern entry for Hawaiian 10. You must issue a pattern entry regardless of inbound on the ILS when the approach is active.

  • If you issued an exit command and the aircraft did touch and goes (Example: Stop and Go) then say disguard last message.

  • Takeoff Separation: You must give Oman Air some time before taking off. He can go up to 250kt while I can go up to 160kt. Use common sense.

  • Transition: The transition was too high. Explained above.

  • Do not clear aircraft for takeoff until the aircraft has crossed the hold short.

Otherwise, thank for the atc.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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I am now closed. Thanks to everyone who came by!

I am now open at KPSP!

Now closed! Thanks

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