@AsternDestroyer's ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED MY PRACTICAL]

ATC Closed. Thanks for coming @Recxx!

Feedback in PM if possible :)

Had to end early due to increasing wifi lag… l am not an IFATC but everything was fine until you let the 747 take off and l almost had a midair collision with it as l was descending and it was ascending…so next time either hold the other aircraft a min longer until l am out of it’s rwy heading or else let me go farther out before you tell me to turn base… l am an experienced enough sim pilot to get out of it’s way if l am on my own…but thanks for the practice… try to catch you again…hope you get a qualified controller to give you better feedback !!!

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I didn’t want the aircraft taking off. Like I said in pm, they didn’t follow any of my instructions, which is why I put you on runway 33, since I knew you were low enough for him to not be a factor. Thanks for the advice anyways, it was a fun session!

EDIT: He also claimed to be remaining in the pattern so I figured maybe I’d put him in left traffic then figure it out from there, but of course he wasn’t remaining in the pattern.

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I understand …no problem then…once you make it to expert… they will have to listen to you or suffer the consequences… so just keep practicing…and you will get there sooner than you think !!!

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Thanks! That’s nice to hear :]

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I have officially passed the IFATC Written Exam!
Now it’s time for the practical!


Amazing job! Best of luck!


Alright. Time to do some practice for my IFATC Practical Exam. ATC Open at KCLT TS1, Ground and Tower - T&Gs

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Wow! Good luck 😎🎉 @AsternAviation

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I’m coming! Best of luck on your practical!

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If a tstorm does not knock out my wi-fi you will have at least two…very near future IFATC !!!

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Looks like you have a full house already…so l will fly GA !!!

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Thanks to everyone who came out! I know I still had a lot of people flying, although I’d like to get some food before I take my practical. Any feedback is strongly appreciated.


Coming with IAV201CS

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Ooo nice livery, can’t say I’ve used that one before

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Time to get back in the swing of things!


Unfortunately all I got was trolls and noobs…

ATC Closed @ KMCO

ATC Open

HECA - Training Server

Welp, ATC Closed @ HECA.

All I got was someone who stalled on takeoff and crashed…

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