Assorted Spotting Photos from KATL

Well, it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted some spotting photos. I haven’t been to ATL recently but I’ll probably be returning in the next month or so. Here’s an assortment of photos from the past until then. Also be on the lookout for a military spotting topic coming soon 👀

To start it off, here’s Louisiana One on final into Atlanta, this was my first time spotting this aircraft and my first shot with my new lens (150-600mm)

Next up is this sub-par attempt at a night shot of a Spirit A321. Hoping to get some better night photos in the future, now that I have a tripod.

Next up, we have Lone Star One, and I am very very honored that this photo was actually used by Southwest Airlines themself on there Instagram page!

Back with another horrible attempt with a night shot, is this Delta 777. Can’t believe these are going to be leaving the skies on the next few days!

This one isn’t a photo from KATL, rather my backyard, but I love this photo so I threw it in. Here is a Charleston C17 flying over at 36,000ft!

Now we have a British Airways 787-9 pulling into the International Terminal ramp, this one was taken from the side of an active road

Now onto a cargo aircraft, here’s a China Airlines Cargo 747 moments away from landing in Atlanta. The size of these aircraft never cease to amaze me!

Now we have the Thank You plane! Gratitude is important so please go find someone important to you and thank them. It can be for something they did for you, or even simply just being in your life!

Now we have one of the only remaining Delta SkyTeam planes in the sky, the SkyTeam 737-800!

And lastly, another aircraft we sadly lost to the pandemic, the Delta 737-700!

Thanks for stopping by, remember to be kind to one another, and have a great rest of your day!

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ohhhh my this topic is amazing. Great lighting and aircraft!


Thank you!

When were these taken I saw Louisiana One the other day at my home airport which does fly to ATL these are great.

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All throughout the summer, Louisiana One was taken back in September

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Great pictures, it is sad to see that we lost a good amount of aircraft😔

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Holy crap, how much did that lens cost??

Great pictures by the way!

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Nice pics! I landed at KATL today!

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The lens was $900, I saved a long time for it

Wow thats a lot

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Nice photos

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Thank you!

Definitely some of your best shots, Jackson. Great work!

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Thanks so much!

Great shots! Earned to new follower on Instagram!

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I think that last one is a 737-700

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I know, I put -700

Thank you!

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