Assistance using ILS glideslope required

I saw the ILS approach tutorial i kinda understood But keep getting lost on the glide slopem that thing where the green triangle need se to be in the míddle my questions is can You setup your flight plan with the autopilot mode to gain or lose altitude gain or lose airspeed the heading direction to automátic land at the Airport runway of your choice?obviously this needs to be done using the nauticalnmiles distance by calculating… But can this be done?

Yes it can be done but requires expert precession to ensure a 3 degree glide slope on the ILS. I recommend just flying manual! What is the point of a flight sim if you don’t fly?

whats the question i don’t understand what you wrote?

Can the autopilot be configured as to where the airplane enters the right glide slope en route to the runway to essentially auto land the craft.

yeah it can but the only aircraft that fully supports auto land is the 737 bbj

correct, lol pats back

I still dont understamd the glide slope thing i want to automátic set the plane with the right speed and altitude to automatically land

yes just set the runway heading for the airport you landing at altitude to 0 and keep you vs at about 800 fpm and gradually lower your sped as you get closer to the runway but when you close to the runway you have to disengage the autopilot

I want to fly with somebody so i can se how they do it and learn from it

i can teach just not tomorrow maybe on friday i can

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But also the A320 in future (:

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Deal benny ill Message You on friday

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For the localiser you need to adjust the heading, for the glide slope set the altitude to 0 feet when you are about to intercept the glide slope and then adjust your vertical speed to keep it on profile. -700 ft/min works great when you are on the profile.

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Watch some youtube videos

So… You want to earn XP for doing absolutely nothing?

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