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Hello Everyone! I am currently making a final decision on purchasing an updated tablet to return to Infinite Flight. I have my eyes on Huawei Media Pad 3M. Would that be a good choice?

Not sure but if you can afford it and you wouldn’t mind buying into the Apple ecosystem I would recommend an iPad. The 2017 is brilliant!

Having checked its around the same price as the iPad, I would definitely look into those as they tend to be better tablets than android based ones.

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Check out here

Might get some ideas

There are a number of threads regarding the best tablet for Infinite Flight if you search.

I am not familiar with that device. Looking up some of your specs it runs Android 6 which may be able to upgrade to 7. I would want to make sure that it runs OpenGL 3.0 or higher.

With any device, the higher the specs the better graphics you can use with IF. (in theory).

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4GB RAM, seems pretty legit! I’d say you’re fine :)

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If you aren’t into Ipads, I would go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. You get an amazing display, 4 gigabytes of ram, Snapdragon 806 processor, and ac wi-fi. All great for Infinite Flight.

I know its great! Just a tad too pricey as the only reason why Im purchasing a tablet is to get back on infinite flight. My last iPad is too old :(

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Okay I am happy to hear this

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