Assistance Needed with Discord Linking Issue on Infinite Flight

Hello everyone!

I have a quick question about the Infinite Flight Discord server. In the past, I joined using my initial app account. After taking a break from Infinite Flight for a few months, I found it convenient to leave the server.

Now, I’ve returned to Infinite Flight and have a new app account that I paid for, intending to start fresh. While I was able to unlink my Infinite Flight Community (IFC) account from the first app account, I encountered difficulties doing the same with Discord. It seems like I’m still linked, but attempting to join from my new account results in a message stating that my Discord account is already linked to another Infinite Flight subscription.

Although I can join from the IFC home page, I don’t have full access because it indicates that I’m not a Pro subscriber, which I actually am. Any insights or guidance on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, you were still linked on the old account.
I deleted it now though so you should be able to link.

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