Assistance Needed for Radio-Communications Test

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Today, I’m seeking assistance regarding my upcoming radio-communications test scheduled for next Friday. The test will involve using two radios: one with the teacher inside the classroom and the other with the student outside of the classroom. Our teacher has provided us with a document outlining all possible scenarios that we might encounter during the test. If there are any real-life pilots or individuals who have dealt with similar situations before, I would greatly appreciate any tips or insights based on your experiences or criteria.

Here are the situations outlined in the test:

  • Runway change
  • Keep position
  • Taxi sequence - I got this
  • Visibility reduced
  • Presidential protocol
  • Wind gusted
  • Another aircraft crashed in the runway
  • Wet runway
  • English ATC (We do Spanish) - I got this
  • Squawk unnexistented (such as 1188) - I got this
  • Low clould ceiling
  • FPL lost - I got this

Study up on all resources you have been given. The atc manual may not be exact but you could probably study with that somewhat. Relax , and remember you’re got this.

Is the test something like multiple choice or open ended?

I wouldnt use the IFATC manual at all for real life studying. Use the materials provided to you by the school/training program you are attending. No offense to the people who made it, but when studying for real world exams you should use resources from accredited reputable real world aviation sources.

I would also recommend listening to real world atc instructions and practicing that way as well. Assuming from the pilot perspective, listen to the radio call and try to make the proper response then listen to see if you were correct.

Chair flying helps a lot too… Simulate you are in the plane and make the applicable radio calls as you move throughout the flight.


No, the test is literally communication between ATC (Teacher) and Pilot (Me). We will follow flight steps but he can pick up any of the previous issues and see how I will react to it.

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