Assigning flight controls, using XBox1

I am new to IF. My intention is to begin flying solo using a Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk. I would like to know how best, if at all, to connect the flight controls of the aircraft to an XBox1 controller which I have been given?
UNSC XBox1 plus cable to connect to a USB port of my PC.
PC Information:
Lenovo Workbook (Laptop)
Processor: Intel (R) Core ™ i5- 421 OU CPU @ 1.70 - 2.40 GHz
8 GB (RAM), 64-bit Operating System, x64 based processor
Touch support with 10 touch points. Window 10.

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Hello and welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Take a look at this page right here for some good info on connecting third party controllers: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Also, take a look at this post for some useful information on how our community runs:

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Hey Daniel! Setup is a lot easier than the guide above!

Do you have an ios device?

No, I intend using an Android device.

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Thank you. I will peruse!

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